Sportsmen's Nation - Whitetail Hunting

The Huntavore - From Salad Snacker to Joint Breaker

Episode Notes

Nick chats with Founder of Western Daughters Butcher Shop, Kate Kavanaugh. Recently, she was featured in the New York Times for her very interesting story of becoming a strict vegetarian in her youth to owning and operating a whole animal butcher shop in Colorado.
This episode takes a few tangents into views on agriculture and domestic meats, some historical reasons why regenerative ag is a good idea. Kate also lays out some tips for hunters and hits us with some incredible meal ideas.

Show Notes:
Kate has love for Eastern Colorado and its prairie grassland heritage. Starting out with a brief history of the Dust Bowl during the Depression, she explains why livestock, like cattle, are an important part of a healthy, sustainable ecosystem. Her view of hunters is one of noble causes. We take on the full responsibility of death, and harvest from an animal who lived the way it wanted to. She applauds us for taking on the task of processing our own.
Her background in Whole Animal Butchery is highlighted by her ability to know how to use different cuts. The Flatiron is a muscle of the shoulder that can be a very tender steak, along with the Teres-major. Both on a whitetail would be quite small, but a good challenge for anyone looking to improve their knife skills. In the dish breakdown, she prepares a “bavette” steak; a section from the flank or sidemeat. Instead of heading to the grind right off the bat, see if these cuts can be added to your treasured steaks and roasts.

Instagram: @kate_kavanaugh @westerndaughters