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N.F.C. - Elk Hunting Perfection with Ben Persenaire

Episode Summary

On this episode, Dan talks with Ben Persenaire of Michigan about his love for elk hunting and his 4 hunt success streak.

Episode Notes

Imagine this, you take your first elk hunting trip at 14 with your brother and parents and find success. Then, a couple years later you draw the same unit, this time an arhery tag, and find succes again. Then a couple years after that you head to Wyoming with you dad with 11 prference points that he has been buying for you since you were a pre-teen and you find success again. But before you head home you decide to stop by Colorado on your way out of town for another elk hunt and find succss again, that's two elk in one year. Jelious yet? I am.

On this episode, I talk with Ben Persenaire of Michigain about his elk hunting winning streak as he shares the stories of those hunts.