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Land & Legacy | Dream Conditions for Late Season

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Land & Legacy hunting podcast, Adam and Matt discuss the best possible weather conditions for late season hunting.

Episode Notes

Every hunter tunes into the weather station forecast and watches it like a hawk from September through January. As weather forecasters predict weather fronts, hunters do their best to predict deer movements. There are certain times when weather patterns or variables all align and it seems like every deer in the woods begin to move.

During the late hunting season, weather variables play a huge roll in success. Every region of the country has different weather patterns that get deer on their feet. However, there are certain changes that no matter where you are located will result in deer moving to feed. This week, Chad Keith joins us to break down the ideal weather conditions for hunting during the late season.

We share stories of success based on certain weather fronts and variables like temperature, barometric pressure, wind, clarity, and much more. As you listen to the podcast, be sure to take notes on the ideal conditions for hunting during the late season. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand