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The Huntavore - From Field to Plate with Jeremiah Doughty

Episode Summary

The guys chat with wild game chef and hunting advocate, Jeremiah Doughty.

Episode Notes

The guys chat with wild game chef and hunting advocate, Jeremiah Doughty. Jeremiah created From Field to Plate, a collection of recipes, processing techniques, and content on how to handle your harvest. A true passionate sportsmen, whose connection to hunting is so personal, it has improved the quality of his health.

Special Items include; Calling out Midwesterners for eating bland food, challenging Nick to keep taking more from the gut pile, don’t mask flavors, instead compliment them, our responsibilities as hunters to promote the lifestyle.

Show Notes:
How it all started.
Discovering the allergic reaction to bovine fat.
Driven to white meat for a year then searched or something else and turning to big game hunting.
Learning to big game hunt.
Breaking the high cost barrier.
Ran into a guy that talked about low cost over the counter tags for Wyoming Antelope and that was the start.
The first dish. Teriyaki antelope. The dish stands the test of time and still is a staple dish today.
Growing up: Hunting was small game.
Family tradition was all about the dove hunt.
Wake up, get doves, go swim, go fish repeat.
Jeremiah talked his way into the dove camp tradition at 7 years old and was given a 12 gauge to start, that's right, 12 gauge
Now Jeremiah is taking his dad's out on his own first hunts.
Learning to pair foods.
Working in the restaurant business boredom sets in with always being around the same foods.
Out of that boredom is a tenacity to get beyond the norm stuff.
Telling stories through food. Layers, eating as you go down.
Pairing foods with the flavors they naturally have. What they eat, changes how they taste. Use that and see what flavors to bring in the best.
Talking favorite big game and small game.
Talking motivation and purpose. Going out to find flavors. Finding the unique and different in nature.
How to utilize meat in the everyday. Using meat in unique ways, or unique cuts in flavors and not breaking the bank.
Talking about what it means to be the “rooter to the tooter” cook. Utilize it all. Including getting into sausage made from deer intestines and feel great about it.
Why does he do it? What’s the motivation? To get people excited about eating great wild game, save more, get more and get more people involved.
Thoughts on social media influencers and stars. Keep your mouth shut and just hunt. Don't be a social star. Be respectful and be a difference maker.
What is R3? Breaking down recruitment, retention and reactivation.
Finally, The 2-dish breakdown. You know the deal.