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DIY Sportsman - Spring B.S. Session

Episode Summary

On this episode, Bobby and Garrett cover a variety of topics related to the spring and the great outdoors.

Episode Notes

In this episode Garrett and Bobby cover a wide range of topics. Rapid thawing is happening in many areas, which affects spring scouting plans and has caused localized flooding in areas. The absolute best time of year to cover a lot of ground in marshes or wooded swamps is the narrow strip of time when the water is still frozen yet most of the snow is melted. Food sources can become really obvious if there is some remaining snow. Garrett noticed a large volume of tracks moving through and around a tamarack swamp. While pressure and thermal cover could have been good assumptions for why the deer were there, the pressure hasn't been strong in months and the tracks are too sporadic to be just bed to feed. Bobby and Garrett talked about what type of secondary browse sources could be located in that swamp.

While discussing upcoming plans for turkey hunting and western trips, Garrett and Bobby talked about why some states ask for additional costs when applying for tags, such as mandatory small game or fishing licenses, while others allow you to apply with just a few dollar fee. Many midwestern states manage their tags through OTC purchases and doe harvest numbers. Would creating a limited draw system for bucks with easier tag availability to meet doe harvest numbers create more revenue for the state and its conservation related programs? Or would it cause fewer people to hunt? In addition to those topics, Garrett and Bobby talk about how they'd potentially change access or hunting strategy in the Missouri hills based on thoughts and observations after the season.