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N.F.C. - Working Class B.S. Session Pt. 2

Episode Summary

This is a two part collaboration with the Working Class Bowhunter podcast. On this episode, I get the opportunity to chat with their crew about a variety of different hunting topics as well as some crazy topics that are not hunting related.

Episode Notes

If you like the B.S. Session style podcast then you're going to have a blast listening to this two part series Dan did with the Working Class Bowhunter podcast at this years Iowa Deer Classic. This is a straight up B.S. Session, we cover a variety of hunting related topics including hunting products, the hunting industry and the birth of our respective podcasts.

If you are looking for a podcast about hardcore hunting strategy, well... this might not be the podcast for you. But, if you are looking for a fun podcast where four dudes just BS for 45 minutes, then this is the podcast for you.