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Land & Legacy | After Hours Live Q & A Session

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Land & Legacy habitat podcast, Adam & Matt are live from the Nation Wild Turkey Convention in Nashville, TN answering several habitat improvement related questions.

Episode Notes

We are live this week recording from the National Wild Turkey Federation Convention in Nashville, TN. With the assistance of Pure Air Natives, we hosted a get-together with listeners attending the convention to discuss land and habitat management topics. After the seminar, we opened up the mic and invited attendees to join in on the live question and answer podcast.

We had people from Minnesota to Kentucky, Georgia, and Tennessee represented at the After Hours Event. During this podcast we discuss how to get rid of herbicide-resistant weeds in food plots, management timber stands, increase the native cover on properties, step by step instructions on how to prepare for native plantings, and the history or evolution of Pure Air Natives.

The owner Jon Wingo took some time to discuss with us his history of managing and restoring prairies across the country. Jon has been doing so for 31 years and is a wealth of knowledge in all things land management. There are several great tips and techniques shared throughout this entire podcast on how to establish, maintain, and hunt prairies. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand