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Southern Ground | Skre Gear & A Big Buck with Locke Wheeler

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Southern Ground hunting podcast, Parker chats with Locke Wheeler of Skre Gear performance apparel company about how is 2018 hunting season is going.

Episode Notes

Welcome to the Southern Ground Hunting Podcast. If this is your first time listening, you started on a great episode! This week we’re talking to Locke Wheeler of Skre Gear, The Progression series, Louisiana Bowhunter… a man with many hats! During the interview we talk about Skre Gear, a performance hunting apparel company, which Locke plans to help bring into the Southeastern US. If you haven’t heard of Skre you can check them out at Locke’s 2018 fall hunting season has gotten off to a great start, with trips to Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, and his home state of Louisiana. All of these trips are a part of a new video project that Locke has taken on called “The Progression Series”. This series highlights the progression of the season, as well as the hunter. You’ll also get to hear the story of a great buck that Locke was fortunate to take this year on one of his many hunting adventures.

A shameless plug for Southern Ground! Parker had another successful week in the woods on his first buck of the Alabama season. We could tell you all about it, but you could just go watch it all unfold on the Sportsmen’s Nation Youtube channel.

Topics Discussed:
Adventure Hunting
Whitetail hunting in the Gulf of Mexico
Skre Gear
Midwest Deer Hunting

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