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Land & Legacy | Hunting Through the Eyes of a Beginner

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Land & Legacy hunting podcast, Adam and Matt take a look at hunting through the eyes of a beginner.

Episode Notes

We had a unique opportunity to visit with a new client in Eastern Tennessee recently. Jon York is a relatively new hunter, but lifelong outdoorsmen. He grew up loving the outdoors, fishing, kayaking, hiking, and enjoying the outdoor lifestyle. But his hunting experiences have been very limited.

After trying venison in a dish, he began to explore the opportunities of hunting. In 2018, Jon was able to successfully harvest a long beard and a whitetail buck thanks to a hunting mentor. These two harvests set the tone for his growth and development of his knowledge and understanding of the land. His long-term plans are to introduce his young son to hunting and land management. His family's farm will be passed down to his son, but he wants to pass it down to a son who is just as passionate as he is.

This mindset is solid! We appreciate the opportunity to work with Jon as well as watch him develop his knowledge as a hunter and land manager. Enjoy.Learn.Share!