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Land & Legacy | Think Twice Before "Culling"

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Land & Legacy habitat podcast, Adam and Matt discuss the science behind the term "culling".

Episode Notes

We've thought long and hard about the terms and phrases hunters and land managers often use. Some phrases make sense, while others make you question the origins or science behind those words. On this week's podcast, we On this week's podcast, we discuss the science behind the term "culling".

The term culling has been used in many different applications in land management, from culling bucks to culling undesirable trees. However, no matter the application there is strong science behind that term that is incredibly important to understand prior to using it. Due to it's more complex nature, we do get a little scientific at first to lay a foundation of culling that we can all understand and work through.

After the foundation is laid, we provide countless examples of why we should be very careful with the decisions we make as we manage and "cull" species. As you will find out and learn, the environment has a huge impact on the expression of genes or genetics, so you don't always see the true genetic potential is expressed. What may seem as an inferior species may simply be in an environment that is not conducive to express more genetic potential. Be prepared, this podcast will make you think critically! It will also shape your understanding and perspective of management decisions! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand