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Land & Legacy | Our Dream Farms

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Land & Legacy podcast, Adam and Matt talk about what their dream farm looks like.

Episode Notes

We get asked all the time, what would you do on your dream farm? Would you have this on your farm? How big would your farm be? Obviously, that is a loaded and dynamic question with difficult answers. However, this week we keep it simple and hit the major points and components that we would want to accomplish on our farms down the road.

As you might imagine, there would be many aspects of each farm, from livestock to bees, to riparian areas, to hardwood savannas, and orchards. The most important factor in all of this would be the ability for each acre to serve multiple purposes. In addition, each acre would allow for a teaching moment about how healthy ecosystems are divinely connected and intertwined.

Our hope with this podcast is to see that land is multifaceted. Singular goals with land can be built upon and developed into something more. The land is dynamic and our goals with ownership should reflect that. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand