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Land & Legacy - Prescribed Fire Vs. Forestry Mulching

Episode Summary

On this episode, Adam and Matt discuss the importances and differences of prescribed fire vs. forestry mulching. Tons of great habitat improvement info on this one.

Episode Notes

Prescribed fire is a fantastic tool available for most land managers to use on their property. This natural tool is the cheapest and yields the best results for those looking to manage their farm. However, there are many other tools that come to mind depending on the project at hand. It is commonly thought to think of mowing as similar or a possible substitute to using prescribed fire, however, this is far from the truth. There are many things different between the two tools. They are not equal and leave different results in the habitat. Of course, prescribed fire has it's limitations as well. Think of prescribed fire as a maintenance tool and forestry mulching or a chainsaw as the tool used to get the habitat in place to be maintained.

Prescribed fire is a beast to understand and study to before using on your property. We encourage you to take classes and volunteer before implementing. This tool will cover the largest area in the shortest amount of time possible and likely make the largest impact your habitat will see in years to come! Enjoy. Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand