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Pro Talk Outdoors - 100th Episode: Shed Season and Our Greatest Hits

Episode Summary

Today we celebrate the 100th episode of the Pro Talk Outdoors podcast, JP and Dave go over their respective shed hunting strategy and reminisce about past podcasts.

Episode Notes

JP and Dave hop on the mic to go over their respective shed hunting strategies, or lack thereof. They both have ideas about what they'd like to accomplish and learn from the process, and discuss the mixed results that can often occur.

To kick off the remainder of the show, they wax poetic about episodes gone by, and some of the best moments they've had on the show in their three years. Excerpts are played from Roland Martin, Chad Morgenthaler, Don Higgins, Bill Winke, and Lee and Tiffany Lakosky. Have a listen to some great stories, touching moments, and helpful tips shared in this 'Best Of' episode!