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N.F.C. - Access Is Everything with John Hudspeth

Episode Summary

Dan talks with John Hudspeth of Oklahoma about his successful 2018 season along with an awesome example of how changing his stand access route helped him kill a mature buck.

Episode Notes

On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles podcast, Dan is joined by returning guest John Hudspeth out of Oklahoma to discuss his successful 2018 hunting season. First off, John breaks down his hunting properties and shares he details of why he feel so many quality deer call his family farm home. John then walks us through his seasonal hunting strategy, when, where, and how he hunts.

The best part of this entire podcast is when John shares an example of how changing his access route and moving a tree stand 20 yards led him to more encounters with deer and even killing a big-bodied mature buck. Keep your ears open for this episode, you just might learn something.