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Southern Ground - Saddlepalooza

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Southern Ground hunting podcast, Parker meets up with friends at Saddlepalooza, the greatest gathering of saddle hunters in the world.

Episode Notes

Southern Ground headed to the South Georgia swamps in search of wild hogs last weekend. Every year, saddle hunters from all over the US meet up for an event known as "Saddlepalooza". We camp out, eat good food, show off our gear, and sometimes we even chase a few pigs around the woods. The hunting is really second to the good food and fellowship. This week, Parker is joined once again by the brains behind the operation, Greg Godfrey. They talk about some of the highlights of the trip, and reminisce on the good times shared by all at camp.
Saddle hunters are a weird breed of folks. They’re tinkerers and DIYers. When they’re not hanging from a tree, you can find them in their garage or basement, coming up with the next biggest plan to shave a couple ounces off their pack weight. When you get them all together, chaos and good times are sure to ensue.