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N.F.C. - Public Land Hunter Profile with Todd Mead

Episode Summary

Dan chats with public land hunter, Todd Mead of New York, about his bowhunting adventure throughout the US and why he is so passionate about hunting.

Episode Notes

On this episode, Dan talk with public land hunter Todd Mead about his bowhunting adventures throughout several states in the US. Dan and Todd get in to an awesome conversation about how Todd approaches every season by digital scouting the areas he wants to hunt. Then, once he is able to get boots on the ground, he shares the specifics about what he is looking for as far as deer sign and terrain features are concerned.

He also talks about his father and a mentor and how he was introduced in to the hunting way of life with little to no pressure. The conversations then turns to what made him become a "hardcore" hunter like wind direction, scouting, stand locations, and strategy.

Todd then started competing in IBO competitions, and explains that being in high pressure situations has helped him during the moment of truth when hunting. If you are looking for great information about hunting public land, and an overall great story, this is the podcast for you. Enjoy and share!