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N.F.C. - Epic Stories with Chad Yingling

Episode Summary

Chad Yingling shares the story of how his time as an in-home care provider introduced him to a man named Ed, who was an avid outdoorsman who was dying of cancer.

Episode Notes

There are times in life when we realize that life is precious and fragile. On this episode, Dan talks with returning guest Chad Yingling about a story that should make us all realize what is truly important in life. It's not big antlers, it's not what weapon you kill your animal with, it's about the memories and the experiences you share and the people you share them with.

Chad talks about his time as an in-home care provider and how that profession has led him to meet some very interesting individuals. This story is about one of those people, Ed, a man who was diagnosed with cancer and was given a terminal diagnosis. The second that Chad met Ed he knew they were going to get along just fine as Ed's home was littered with taxidermy on the walls and a noticeable gun safe. Although this friendship was short from the stand point of time, this friendship is one that Chad will remember for the rest of his life.

It was on one special visit during early October that Ed was aggressively trying to convince Chad to go hunting. After some resistance and time constraints Chad was finally convinced to get in to the tree stand. This led Chad to harvest one of the biggest bucks he had ever seen.