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DIY Sportsman - JX3 Hybrid Review

Episode Summary

On this episode of the DIY Sportsman, Garrett reviews the new JX3 Hybrid tree saddle.

Episode Notes

The JX3 Hybrid is a revamped version of the old Guido's Web, a saddle-like hunting system that blends some components of saddle hunting with some of the familiar comforts of a tree stand. In some ways, the Hybrid feels like sitting in a lawn chair up in the tree. An extendable aluminum fork holds you out away from the tree to help with positioning and keep knee pressure non-existent.

I used the Hybrid while hunting longer days in November this past fall. That gave me a good opportunity to test the comfort as well as other important aspects like tree selection, weight trade-offs, and modularity. The Hybrid can definitely have a place in some people's systems. Like anything, there are pros and cons which need to be factored into your style of hunting.