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Transition Wild | The Technology Evolution of Hunting with Joe Wilson

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Transition Wild western hunting podcast, Adam is joined by returning guest Joe Wilson as they strike up a conversation about hunting and technology and how the continue to integrate.

Episode Notes

Today I’m joined by returning guest, Joe Wilson to discuss all things technology related to hunting and how the use of technology is evolving us as hunters. We dive into a number of specific hunting products which include cellular trail cameras, range finder sights, scent elimination products, and electric bikes among other things. We talk about their position in the world of hunting and cover angles revolving around fair chase, hunter recruitment and legality regulations.

During the entire conversation, we weigh the pros and cons or using certain products and how they play into the ethics of hunting. For example, are cell trail cameras “fair-chase” when they are used to locate game animals in real time during hunting seasons? Is a bow sight with a built-in range finder pushing things too far and making it too easy to kill animals with archery equipment?

We also discuss the evolution we go through as hunters and it’s relation to modern society always trying to develop a better mouse trap. Our natural instinct as human beings is to constantly innovate and make our lives easier but in a modern world where hunting has become less of a need for survival, are we taking things too far? There are no right or wrong answers and we attempt to illustrate many of these topics from a wide array of view points.