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Transition Wild | Western Whitetails with Gordon Whittington

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Transition Wild hunting podcast, Adam is joined by editor in chief of North American Whitetail magazine Gordon Whittington about hunting western whitetails.

Episode Notes

Today I’m joined by Gordon Whittington, editor in chief of North American Whitetail magazine. We dive into a number of topics regarding whitetails but we talk a lot about western whitetail deer hunting in states like Kansas and Nebraska, and how it’s a perfect stepping stone hunt before going on an elk or mule deer trip in the mountains. We also discuss the latest issue of NAW Magazine and the new world record “Brewster Buck” which scores over 320 inches B&C as the featured cover story.

We then highlight his 2018 season where he was able to take three beautiful bucks across Texas and Kansas. Gordon also talks about his background of hunting as a young kid, his degree in journalism, working as a freelance writer, and how he helped found North American Whitetail. He then speaks to the hunting community and how we can help grow our heritage by taking kids and adults into the field.

To round out the discussion, Gordon gives us his take on Chronic Wasting Disease and it’s impact on the future of deer hunting. For more information on North American Whitetail, please visit