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N.F.C. - High Fence Dilemma with Mark Kenyon

Episode Summary

Mark joins Dan in an in depth conversation about an upcoming hunt Dan has been invited to go on in a high fence environment for exotic animals.

Episode Notes

On this episode, Dan talks with good friend and host of the Wired To Hunt podcast Mark Kenyon about an upcoming hunt Dan has been invited on in Texas on a high fence ranch. The ranch is a 7000 acre enclosed environment where Dan will be hunting exotic animals like blackbuck, axis deer, hogs, aoudad, and rhea.

The two discuss the obvious differences between free range hunting and high fence operations. Dan mentions that this is not only a great business opportunity for him and this is a media hunt he was invited on, but also an opportunity to experience something new so he can truly understand the activity before he can express an honest opinion.

Mark and Dan both play devils advocate to try and dig deep in to what some call a controversial hunting topic. They talk about what makes hunting, hunting. For example, what is the difference between a large high fence facility compared to a 1000 acre, highly managed farm in the midwest? What makes this topic so controversial? Just a very good BS session about a dilemma that Dan is currently facing.