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Southern Ground - Local Legends Series with Warren Womack

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Southern Ground podcast, Parker is joined by hunting legend Warren Womack to discuss his lifetime of deer hunting dating back to the 1960's. At age 75 Warren has story after story to share.

Episode Notes

Welcome to the first episode of the Southern Ground “Local Legends” series. It kicks off with a bang as Parker is joined by a true southern gentleman, the legendary Warren Womack. At 75 years old, Mr. Womack has story after story of his successful time spent in the Louisiana woods over the years. He discusses the tactics that have put over 350 deer in the back of his truck. That’s an impressive number, but perhaps the most impressive is the fact that most of those were with traditional archery gear. This episode is full of great knowledge, including a great conversation about primary feed trees. They also discuss an aspect of Mr. Womack’s hunting life that is nothing short of impressive. Dating back to the 1960’s, he has documented every single hunt. Not just that, but every detail you can imagine is included in his documentation. There are so many things that earn Warren the title of “Local Legend”, but don’t just read it here! Take a listen!

Topics Discussed:
Public Land
Primary Feed Trees
Saddle Hunting
Traditional Archery
Ultralight treestands
Documenting Hunts
Evolution of the southern deer herd