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N.F.C. - Epic Stories - 5 Hour Spot & Stalk

Episode Summary

We continue the Epic Stories series with another awesome tail from Caleb Michels of Kansas about a 5 hour spot & stalk hunt that resulted in a giant buck.

Episode Notes

On this episode, Dan talks with Caleb Michels of Kansas about a big buck he harvested last season that took a 5 hour spot and stalk in a bean field. Because Kansas doesn't have much public land to hunt, Caleb was left to knocking on doors to gain permission on private property. After several rejections, Caleb was finally able to get access to a handful of farms that gave him a chance to hunt during his busy schedule.

Caleb is also a medical student who has a very busy schedule, and he talks about how he balances his school and work schedule with his passion for hunting.