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Bayou Bowhunter with Harmon Carson

Episode Summary

This week Garrett talks with Harmon Carson, a traditional bowhunter from Louisiana, about his consistent success in the the woods as well as traditional archery.

Episode Notes

This week's guest is Harmon Carson, located in the state of Louisiana, a state not known for good deer hunting. Hunting pressure is high, the firearms season is extremely long, the woods are dense, and hunters are able to use dogs. Despite all of this, Harmon has had consistent success, and he gets it done with a traditional bow.

Much of this podcast focuses on Harmon's strategy for hunting deer in these dense Louisiana landscapes. He heavily relies on trail cameras due to the lack of agriculture, and he puts a ton of time in the woods with boots on the ground. We also talked to him about some of his hunts out west, about traditional archery, self filming, and saddle hunting.