Sportsmen's Nation - Whitetail Hunting

N.F.C. - Ultimate B.S. Session with Josh Honeycutt

Episode Summary

On this episode, Dan talks with Josh Honeycutt of about turkey hunting, conservation, deer hunting, as well as share a couple memorable stories.

Episode Notes

On this episode, Dan talks with Josh Honeycutt editor at, about a variety of hunting and other outdoor related topics. They start the podcast out by discussing their turkey seasons and admit that their passions are both whitetail hunting and that turkey hunting is something to enjoy with friends and family.

Then the conversation turns to conservation. The guys share their opinions about the hunting industry and the lack of focus on conservation efforts by companies who make their money in the industries. Josh also talks about what the "Average Joe" can do to to contribute to wildlife organizations to make a difference.

Lastly, Josh shares a couple of his most memorable hunting stories that helped make him the outdoorsman he is today.