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Iowa Sportsman - Food Plot Strategy with Tom Pepliski

Episode Summary

Dan talks with Tom Pepliski about his annual food plot strategy. Tom talks about the details from the location of the plots and what he plants in them.

Episode Notes

On this episode, Dan talks with seasoned food plot planter Tom Peplinski. Tom gets in to all the details of how and where he put the food plots. The guys start off discussing why the location of a food plot is very important as well as the hunting strategy when accessing tree stands and ground blinds when hunting over these food sources. Tom talks about why he plants smaller food plots in between bedding areas and the destination food source to manipulate deer movement for day light activity. He then gets in to detail about the shape of the smaller food plots, the seeds he plants, and other construction information.

Then, Tom talks about destination food plots. Typically corn or soybeans, and typically only hunting them during the late season, he talks about how he fences off half of the field to save the food source for the winter months. If you are struggling with getting your plots established then this is a must listen podcast.