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Land & Legacy | How to Recruit New Hunters with Matt Ross of QDMA

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Land & Legacy podcast, Adam and Matt talk with Matt Ross of the QDMA about how to recruit new hunters.

Episode Notes

As the number of hunters continues to drop, organizations like the Quality Deer Management Association are stepping up in their efforts to turn that statistic around. Matt Ross the Assistant Director of Conservation for QDMA also answered the call by taking a lifelong friend named Andy hunting this fall.

One common misunderstanding when it comes to recruiting new hunters is the fact that youth hunters are the only ones we should be recruiting. Andy is a perfect example of a grown man who has always desired to become a hunter, but just needed a mentor.

Matt Ross was not only a hunting mentor as Andy harvested two deer during New York's opening day of firearm's season but a post-harvest mentor as well. Andy was truly excited about learning how to process venison making meals for his family. In addition, QDMA has stepped up and begun a Field to Fork program introducing nonhunters to the sport. A large part of the program educates these folks on how to process, prepare, and cook venison. We hope you enjoy the podcast and get out there introducing new hunters to the sport just as Matt Ross and QDMA has done! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand