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N.F.C. - Monster Meal with Blake Davis

Episode Summary

On this episode, Dan talks with Blake Davis of Monster Meal about how the company was founded, the product line, and even dives in to the topic of CWD.

Episode Notes

Don't let the title of this episode fool you, the discussion s more than just deer mineral. On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles podcast, Dan talks with Blake Davis of Monster Meal about the ins and outs of the company as well as deer health and biology. First, Blake discusses how the company was founded and even a little company history. The conversation then turns to how the product line actually benefits the overall health of the deer and why it is a good idea to use the products throughout the year.

The guys even dive in to a short discussion about CWD and the idea that it might spread through baiting and mineral sites. Not to worry though, Blake has a positive outlook.