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Southern Ground - Saddle Up with Grant Lemon & Jared Shaffer

Episode Summary

This week Parker is joined by Grant Lemon and Jared Shaffer of Hunt Appalachia to discuss their plunge in to saddle hunting.

Episode Notes

If you’re looking to make the plunge into saddle hunting, stop what you’re doing and give this episode a listen! It was our pleasure to talk with Grant Lemon and Jared Shaffer of Hunt Appalachia for this week’s podcast. With a combined 13 years of saddle hunting experience, these two discuss the process they went through in finding the right system for them, as well as some of their concerns when just starting out years ago. Guest hosting is Parker’s friend and family member, Luke Parker. Luke has been interested in saddle hunting but is very green to the terminology and equipment needed. He brings a unique perspective to the show and asks a lot of questions that many of you will appreciate.

We’re gearing up for a summer podcast series called “Local Legends” and we are looking for some public land slayers to have on! If you know someone from your area that you think would be a good guest, send us an email at, or shoot us a message on our Facebook or Instagram. This is going to be a fun series that we think you will all enjoy!

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