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Land & Legacy | How To Own Deer During Hunting Season

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Land and Legacy habitat podcast, Adam and Matt discuss how to keep deer on your property all year long.

Episode Notes

We've discussed the topic of bedding areas several times on the Habitat podcast, but none quite like this! This week we provide countless scenarios that many hunters from across the county face. Often time we hear stories like "I never find sheds on my farm" or "I don't have deer during daylight hours", or "my deer aren't consistent". The list goes on and on, but one thing remains consistent across all these accounts, and that is the solution.

Bedding areas achieve much more than a place to stay. They provide consistency, security, forage, and did we mention consistency? As a hunter, we have the privilege of chasing deer during daylight hours, but most of the deer activity spend during daylight hours is done so in areas of security, not destination food plots.

If you are looking for the single most important thing to offer on a property you hunt or manage, look no further than proper bedding cover for whitetails. This can vary in different areas, crop country bedding is often different from timber country bedding. However, the best quality bedding cover in every neighborhood is going to consistently hold deer. If your property needs help, consider increasing bedding area opportunities. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand