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Land & Legacy - Spring Food Plots

Episode Summary

Adam and Matt talk with the guys from Stratton Seed company about plating spring food plots.

Episode Notes

Everyone is always looking for the next big thing, especially when it comes the additional edge to pull critters into range. There are so many different strategies to make that happen, but some times using the old tricks in new ways will accomplish the same. In this podcast, we sit down with Heath and Keith of Stratton Seed to discuss the additions to the product line in 2019.

One of the coolest additions would have to be the Bonifide Blend! This blend is the perfect ratio of corn and soybeans. The corn is a dwarf wildlife corn variety that is round-up ready and produces an ear that sits just one and a half feet off the ground, making it more widely used for a variety of species. In addition, the soybeans are a forage type bean that is also round-up ready. The 6:1 ratio of soybeans to corn is ideal for growing tons of attractive forage from May through January in the same acreage!

To biggie back the original Wild Gamechanger soybean, Stratton has just released the Wild Gamechanger 2.0! This soybean is a group 6 soybean, therefore it has a longer maturity rate than the original bean. This can be advantageous for the land manager who wants to have a soybean that holds there leaves longer into the opening of bow season. This attractive addition to the lineup will be able to feed and attract whitetails for longer periods! Different maturity rates on beans have their place on the landscape!

If you want to order any of the new products, be sure to check them out on our website at! Enjoy. Learn. Share! #ForLoveoftheLand